Wall Street

A Proud Heritage

Experience the evolution of Conoco’s identity from its early days. See the reconstruction of Marland’s boardroom and learn about the challenges of the 198l takeover. Listen to first-hand accounts of Conoco executives instrumental in the 1998 IPO which was responsible for Conoco becoming independent once again. 
Ponco City Refinery image

Ponca City Proud

Ponca City Refinery has a history dating back to l918 making it one of the oldest operating refineries in the U.S. and a crucial feature in the history and development of Conoco. Watch the development of the Ponca City Refinery through computer-generated images (CGI). Learn about Conoco’s aviation history. Share your memory of a Conoco working experience on the Memory Wall. 

Man in lab image

Getting to the Future First

A spirit of innovation and technological achievements lies at the heart of Conoco’s development from a small kerosene distributor serving 19th –century pioneer America into a diversified global energy company. Learn through a hands-on exhibit how a fractionation tower works. See what it was like to work in a 1950’s R & D laboratory through a reconstructed work area. Discover the meaning of coking technology and see samples of coke.

Men standing image

Setting the Pace

The Conoco story is not about a few individuals but a celebration of achievement and teamwork. Together Conoco employees achieved many firsts and set the pace for others to follow in a competitive industry. Visit an outdoor doodlebugger worksite. Observe the role that drillships played as Conoco led the way in expanding the hunt for oil. Listen to the story of the world’s first TLP, the most advanced oil production platform in history. 

Truck with signs image

Marketing Conoco

Conoco’s award winning marketing campaigns reflected the brand’s core values, pioneering spirit and western roots. Sit in a 1930’s Touraide office and play an interactive game. Visit a replica of an early service station with a visible gravity-fed gasoline pump. Watch Conoco advertising commercials and see how they developed through the years.